A Community Advocate

Liri Fusha has always been an active participant in her community and across Baltimore to promote thriving neighborhoods. She worked as pro bono counsel for several community associations and a local church to create safe neighborhoods by shutting down dangerous bars and liquor stores. This effort led to the closure of dangerous bars that repeatedly violated the law and their liquor licenses and degraded the quality of life in surrounding neighborhoods. In 2012, she successfully represented a Southeast community in front of the Baltimore Board of Liquor License Commissioners to close down a bar that neighbors had been working to shutter for years – one of the few license revocations ever granted by the Liquor Board. She also worked to repopulate the declining tree canopy in her neighborhood and elsewhere around the City – work she continues to care about to this day. Liri Fusha served on the Boards of the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance (DBFA), an organization dedicated to supporting downtown families and the Citizens Planning and Housing Association, a citywide group devoted to empowering citizens and community groups to make grassroots change. She currently serves on the Downtown Partnership Board and the Board of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

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