Liri Fusha’s campaign announcement!

I am running for Comptroller to help Maryland rise to this moment. As the elected chief financial officer for the state of Maryland, our Comptroller must be a leader who embraces creative ideas and has the courage to put those ideas into action – from big ideas on wealth-building policies to the little details that make it easier for families and businesses to pay taxes and access state programs and benefits. I will work with you – in every community across the state – to hear your concerns, create unique solutions to overcome our challenges, and put the power of the State’s finances behind those solutions to make them happen. I hope you will join me to reimagine what the Comptroller’s office can do to help ensure financially stable families, growing businesses, and thriving communities.

As your Comptroller, I will modernize the way Maryland does business to ensure we are working on your behalf in the most effective way we can be. That means investing in our infrastructure and making sure everyone from small business owners to students to seniors have access to broadband internet. It means using data to make our state systems smarter and easier so that basic services like filing your taxes are as easy as paying for your cell phone bill. I will streamline the state procurement and payment systems so businesses want to do business with the State. As one of only three statewide, independently-elected officials, I will provide strong independent oversight of our state’s financial resources and be an advocate for families, communities, and small businesses. The resources of the Comptroller’s office will be used to lift up and support all those who are trying to build a good life in Maryland, and ensure that we are prepared to safeguard our communities against climate change and other risks for years to come.

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