The magic of manifesting aspirations and true purpose on our life.

US has never experienced such an unprecedented & confusion moment since its founding almost 250 years ago in 1776.

We spent most of 2021 picking up the pieces from 2020 and coming face to face with an unprecedented new reality that reshaped how we live our lives. Times are changing rapidly, and none of us are exempt from the chaos, confusion, and multi-layered possibilities that have presented themselves in every area of life. Now, big changes are on the horizon both personally and collectively. In 2022, we will continue to do the deep work, taking everything we’ve learned over the last couple of years and starting to build a better future.

On a more personal level, in 2022, we should influence each other to shed old ideals, beliefs, and ways of thinking so we can begin to create a new version of ourselves that feels more authentic and aligned. It’s important to remember that this is a process, however. It’s a journey that will take time, and we have to give ourselves as much ease and grace as possible while experiencing this major shift.

When 2022 begins, This means we should start off the year asking very important questions regarding our values, beliefs, finances, and relationships. We should keep in mind when writing New Year’s resolutions and focus on manifesting abundance and new possibilities in each of these areas.

These powerful movement give us an opportunity to face our darkness, atone for our wrongdoings, and move forward with integrity while helping to co-create a new existence that is built on truth and love.

I would like to have this opportunity to envision a new world together, filled with universal love, compassion, and peace.


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