1 -Minimizing big money corporations’ role in elections, and closing corporate tax loopholes which are two agendas that often set them apart from others in the party.
2 -Coronavirus pandemic has heightened the need for progressive policies by disproportionately worsening the health status and incomes of the poor.
3- Set a new law requiring officials and managers to receive not more than $100 gifts. Periodically they should be required to report on their compliance with clean financial practices, this will be one of the biggest efforts yet to crack down on corruption in the government employees. The law should require higher – up to declare every year that they aren’t stashing money in tax havens and aren’t under criminal investigation for tax evasion, money laundering or other crimes. They also must declare that any investments they hold are in funds consistent with the laws that ensure that candidates and managers are clean. This prohibition is clearly aimed at cutting down some of the lavish gifts that government officials are accustomed to receiving from wealthy benefactors, friends and corporations. Regulations are necessary because corruption can manifest itself in different forms and ways. To act according to the principles of transparency and the absence of any conflicts of interest, should be curing the culture which is aimed to end conflicts of interest, patronage and corruption. Shutting down the main ramp for greed and corruption it’s a courageous law and a giant step toward real financial reform. Congress candidates should be a model for the Marylanders with transparency and accountability.
4-Reverse the House Bill 176 from the Article – Education In 1996, Congress passed a series of laws that addresses Military Recruiting and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Program Access to Students of Higher Education (commonly referred to as the “Solomon Amendment”), in order to help military recruiters meet congressionally- mandated recruitment numbers. Under these laws, colleges must provide them with lists containing “student recruiting information”. The two major obstacles that ARMY is facing is that: a) Maryland does not require ALL students to take ASVAB at any time during their high school enrollment. b) In accordance with the house bill 176 Maryland does not release the results of the ASVAB for the students that elect to take it through their high school.
5- Appeal the Maryland Code —–Business Occupations and Professions Article 10-206 that any business should be allowed to represent themselves with or without an attorney. Such a law takes away the freedom of innocent people from being taken advantage of by Corporate Businesses.

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