The best thing that can be done to reduce crime is to target resources based on analysis of the problem and at the same time ensure the fair treatment of all those they have contact with.
Preventing crime and deterring offenders, the way the police treat individuals and communities’ day to day in any encounter can also make a difference to crime. By treating people equally, making decisions fairly, explaining them, and being respectful, the police and Judges can encourage people to cooperate with them and not break the law.
As often it’s documented that it’s no Fairness Treatment. Often, we see that decisions are made behind the judges Bench and giving Immunity Qualified to the Judges, Police and Government Employee Means We Never see Judgement. No one should be Immune Qualified.
Reforming justice and immigration enforcement systems to operate fairly and equitably; to ensure the dignity and humanity of those interacting with these systems; and to reduce the population of jailed, detained, and incarcerated juveniles and adults in the United States.
Protecting Women from being incarcerated so they can raise their kids healthy and well behavioral. As of today, we have Over 225,000 women incarcerated. And today the total incarcerated number has grown to 2.2 million. We should work to end our misguided reliance on over-incarceration and mistakes that are made by Lawmakers and Law enforcement. As a Candidate for Congress, I am working on a new project to present on reducing Crime.

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