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Liri Fusha 4 Congress District # 2!

Liri Fusha has worked as an Accountant in Gold Factory in her native Country, Albania and as a Surgical Nurse at many notable facilities like the Hospital University of Mother Teresa, Military Hospital during Kosovo War and Albania War. Before coming to the US, she served in the diplomatic delegation from Albania to the Geneva Convention. After moving to the US, she worked at facilities such as Virginia Hospital in Arlington, Reston Virginia Surgical Center, Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital before becoming Center Director at Santorini Adult Medical Day Care in Pasadena. She worked as a community organizer and served as a Board member for the Waverly neighborhood of Baltimore City. In 2020, Liri was a candidate for Mayor of Baltimore.

Good policy is good politics:

This photo is Liri on the Diplomatic Delegate from Albania to the Geneva Convention.

It was honor to meet on October 23 2001 with the highest intelligent Diplomats of United States in Geneva Convention.
This experience served me a great opportunity to know what foreign policy goals to pursue, who I can influence, how to best persuade them, who are potential allies and adversaries.
Those decision are for the diplomats overseas to make.
As we know, it has become harder for diplomats to act autonomously.
As a foreign-born and with my experience on Geneva Convention, I will be able to understand the intelligence, integrity, culture, energy of each diplomat which is critical in this operation.
I am competent to develop relationships grounded in trust and mutual understanding with influential members of the countries.
I will work hard to understand the motives, thought patterns and culture of the other side and make the best decision for my country—U.S.A.

I support this bill: S. 2497 entitled “The United States Israel security assistance authorization Act of 2018”. It is a bill to codify the memorandum of understanding between the United States and Israel.
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