Policy Agenda

Thank You for giving me a chance to share my dreams. Which I believe that it’s your dream too. Tonight, it’s your night and as different as each of us are we have one thing in common that never can be changed, never be taken from either of us and it’s this moment where we will be coming together to break the silence on violence.
Some of you may know me as feeding the homeless and some of you may say who is this woman with broken English. Some or many of you may have been victims like me and that’s a case I want to thank you for your support and loyalty. Together we going to make a difference. We going to break a silence on VIOLENCE I know a lot of you don’t know Liri that well because she is not a professional Politician and she is just one of you that is going present the real issue. I just want you to know that those of you who haven’t had a chance to spend time with her you’re really missing out. Liri is one hundred percent herself, if she tells you she’s going to do something, she keeps the promise. If she tells you she likes your outfit, she means it. Unfortunately, if you ask her if your outfit looks stupid, and she says yes, then you have to believe that too. And if you went to a regular Job instead of CEO. You’d totally want a Congresswomen like that. You would like the Congress representative who knows what it’s like not to be popular. Who knows what it’s like to be teased! A chorus of “mm-hm”s could be heard. To understand the pain of what it’s like anything else.
To-to-to to be made to wait for an hour in the very hot for the bus to come and before you know you see that the bus is coming with the singe not in service or in the wind and snow, in the rain and black ice, then the bus breaks down and you have to get out and wait for another bus…….. I would like to share with you that she got what it takes to make so that instead of there being Haves and Have-Notes, everyone is a Have! And all of those lines that keep us from getting along ----- whether they’re visible or invisible ----will be erased! And the world--- or at least the Congressional district two---- will be much happier, much more in a peaceful place. With Liri’s Platform, it would end homelessness, bring two projects for squidgy kids, one of the projects will serve directly to the community and the second one to all Marylanders. Mental -ill people will have service for the first time for their needs which is the service they deserve and not ½ or 1 hour consultation and spending millions of $$$$$$$ from your hard-working taxes which you pay to corporations, but instead the money would be payed directly to your service and we will have more employee than unemployed people. We will work with you and the businesses to get you back where you dream to be. Liri will present a platform using her long experience on Health Care to make this happen.
Liri would follow the platform that she can’t wait to share with you on the day to be set.
* Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on American people.
* On Term Limits (Two Terms) Starting on 2026 which I will be the first one to get out of office if I elected
* New program to improve Work Force Development to spend Tax payers’ money on the most needed Job training and follow up with.
* New program based on her experience with Law Enforcement to bring the federal resources to combat the crime & criminal Justice reform and to control gun violence.
* Lower the cost of prescription medication. New legislation on prohibiting hospitals clinics to operate their own pharmacy to end abuses by physicians.
* Staffers of Congress family members should not be exempt to pay student loans.
* Immigration reform. New legislation for immigrants either to stay legally or leave the country and close loopholes. Immigration should not be a political game.
* Prohibit Lawmakers from being immune from the mistakes they make. NO IMMUNE QUALIFIED.
And she just wanted to say one more thing …. she really hopes that when you cast your votes either early vote or in June on the election day. If you vote for Liri it’s because you believe in her. And not just because a person who happens to be lucky enough to be a famous or to have a TV show. Because part of the Have/Have-Not problem is that too many times people do something because a Have and not because they really want to. If you elect Liri for Congress, then one of the best things that could come out of it is that you’ll soon find that you’ll be a little less scared to follow your heart and raise all the issues that matter.
Liri Fusha has had a lot of conversations with residents, homeless and activists across the state as a community member before and during Covid- 19 providing food, sanitarian and any necessary materials in need. Sports And Politics how they connect together? They both are Games. They both have Fans. Ufffff …. Reminds me of sports fans. The problem is that in the context of politics, democracy is the game, and losing it is unthinkable. We aren’t sports fans, but citizens. And we’re not talking about losing a pennant but the American way. Yet, the system that guarantees our freedom has few truly passionate boosters. When it comes to preserving the institutions of liberal democracy—regardless of who’s in the White House—there just isn’t a huge fanbase for that. If we want to keep this game going for another generation, that is going to have to change.


1-It’s Pure capitalism U.S.A.?

The answer it’s NO! As a U.S resident born and raised in Socialist Country and living for 20 years in Capitalist Country believe that U.S it’s NOT a Pure Capitalist. It employs a mixture of socialist and capitalist programs. As we are experiencing economic crisis and most of us are now living through. We must know and do anything to return to pure capitalism. We need to push forward, to do better than the existing capitalism. For the first time in a long time, we can now ally with the fast-growing number of people reaching that same conclusion. Chapter 11 bankruptcy

2-Tax Reform, Competitive, and Transparent Tax system.

Liri is very pleased with the decision that G20 made on Global Corporate minimum Tax which aims to discourage multinationals from profiting in countries where they pay little or no taxes on trademarks and intellectual property. These companies can then assign earnings to a subsidiary in a tax haven country. This agreement will make our international tax arrangements fairer and work better in a digitalized and globalized economy. As a Congresswomen Liri will work with the Comptroller’s office to make sure that Maryland’s tax practices are transparent and seen as fair for both individuals and businesses, and are competitive so as to grow the state’s economy and jobs. Liri will work with lawmakers and stakeholders for maintaining appropriate tax practices and policies that serve the needs of our state and its citizens. Liri will be an independent Audit for the effectiveness of tax incentive programs. Liri will also bring parties together to explore options for reforming the state’s income tax to ensure we use their taxes that support families, seniors, and small businesses. Tax payers are in title to know where their tax money is spent and have their input to where it should be invested.

3-Creating an easy access to the Congressional Office & Deploying Data

Creating an easy access for constituents to the Congressional Office website and providing unprecedented customer service which will be some of Liri Fusha’s top priorities. Working with deferent businesses on enhancing current technologies to handle the data, and ensuring the workforce in the Congressional office to have opportunities to grow and learn which are supported to help every person or a company who reaches out to the office. Liri Fusha will continue the process of bringing offline processes online to provide an easy simplifying experience and to provide more usable data.

4-End Systemic Racism

Maryland has persistent racial wealth gap that exists in this country more than in any other developed country. This inequality is growing because of economic gains have gone to the top. Also, the Pandemic has disproportionately harmed those who are the most economically vulnerable. This difficult time holds back our communities from being as prosperous and thriving as they could be. This racial gap has a persistent negative effect not just on some communities, but on our economy as a whole – and we must confront it head-on. As a Congresswomen, Liri will use her position to convene stakeholders, create jobs, bring as many projects and funds from the Federal sources, and work with government officials to implement strategies that challenge the gap and begin to undo decades of systemic racism in our housing and business sectors so that every community in Maryland has the chance to reach its full potential and our economy can grow and thrive. There has been improvement in bringing more Black leaders into corporate boardrooms where there are now 322 Black corporate directors in S&P 500 companies. Yet more than a third of these companies still have no Black board members at all.

5-Making Strong, Kind and self-subsistent Communities

Maryland is a multicultural community. One of Liri’s priority is to develop a positive Communities in her district and all Maryland. Liri will work to create a group that can inspire their members in ways that promote a sense of self-discovery and group connection, encourage members to express their beliefs and values and build relationships with them and others within the community. Communities are based around networks of social relations that extend beyond one’s immediate family, and they are thought to have some longevity. That’s why members of community should stay in regular social contact with one another. Some communities have access to health facilities, grocery stores, parks, quality housing, jobs, transit, and a clean environment; others do not. As we get older, it can get harder to connect with the people around. But, that connection with community will ease stress and feelings of loneliness. As a part of a strong community, we are a part of a group of people who want to help each other, whether that is socially or professionally. What makes a community strong is its unanimity towards a common goal. A strong community can help support communities’ small business by shopping locally and choosing services over a chain. A community can help with home care or lawn care, whether that is providing expert service for community needs, or simply walking over to a neighbor’s and helping with a project.

6-Can Small Businesses Thrive & Great Jobs?

No doubt about it, most of the businesses thrive in big cities, but there are many businesses that work properly in small towns or villages too. It’s a good chance of bringing a business vision into existence. The best part is that with small business, it can lower competition and would need a little investment As a Congresswomen, Liri will focus on ensuring that Maryland has a thriving economy with strong job growth. Liri knows that good economic policy can bring good business because she had her business experience as a CEO and Center Director for Santorini Medical Adult Day Care. Liri’s priority is to help and bring any resources from the Congress so the Maryland will be a state where entrepreneurs can create, grow, and keep their businesses. Their innovation is critical to generating economic growth and great jobs. Data is one of the key foundations of the business operation. When you're a remote small business, it's even more important that you have up-to-date and dependent date in all of electronics and apps. After all, every team member needs the latest view of the customers, otherwise customer service suffers and it's easy to make poor decisions.

7-Utilizing the power of procurement

It’s great that companies that take a strategic approach to procurement innovate more new products, that’s the improvement of economy and people’s life, but they get the innovated products to market fast and enjoy more revenue growth. As a result, it will not generate clear value and growth. Investing in transforming procurement's value, risks, skills and technology can grow from the top to the bottom.

8-Supporting the path to Rural Resilience in Maryland.

The current economic crisis in the Maryland we need commitment to invest in rural communities in order to ensure that they have a good place in the Marylander's future. The rural economy has changed, the lack of upward mobility in many rural communities, and the persistent gap in unemployment and poverty rates between metro and non-metro, the Maryland needs to focus its current approach to rural development and create a new framework that builds resilient rural communities. This new focus must call for a complete change in mindset about what constituents rural Maryland, the assets within these diverse communities, and the struggles they face. Having a rural development policy will also require investing in these communities from the bottom up instead of the top down, empowering them to identify and leverage their existing assets and knowledge and to promote homegrown economic opportunities. Communities need investments and resources to thrive. Liri as a Congresswomen will ensure that every part of the state is meeting its full economic and fear potential – including our rural areas.

9-U.S. Constitution….

In the long history of the U.S. Constitution, we have only three changes to the filling of elected officers. First- The 12th Amendment fixed the original Electoral College. Second-The 17th Amendment shifted the responsibility for choosing U.S. senators from state legislatures to the public. Third- The 22nd, ratified on February 26, 1951. We should take a moment to appreciate what motivated the amendment’s champions which they were on the right side of history. We would do well to reflect upon today: --- American government must never be transformed into an emanation of one man. Nor one family in the POWER.


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