I Condemn, Asian American and any tragedy, racial issues or bigotry in all forms.

I am heartbroken. I am enraged. I am scared. We need more condemnation of anti-Asian racism from all of us, but especially from elected officials. More calling a hate crime from the media. More loving of our communities and each other.

As a Future elected public servant, as a Friend of Asian Community, and as a Marylander, I will continue to do all I can to speak up for our Asian American Great friends and to ensure all members of our communities not only recognize the variety of heritages in our state – but celebrate with them as I did in the past, celebrated Chinese New Year’s Eve and Thanksgiving with Them from New York, Maryland ….
We must ensure that all Marylanders and all Americans are safe from the threats posed from white supremacy. These solutions will not solve every problem and racism and hatred cannot be solved overnight but we must start now.

We all win when this cycle of Violence ends, but until this time will come, we must stand together against racism in all forms.

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